Extend-A-Roll Toilet Paper Holder


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Are you tired of straining your back every time you have to go? Or hurting your arm to reach that toilet paper holder that is just too far away? Just Extend-a-Roll. For every day, easy access to toilet paper, simply extend the toilet paper holder before sitting on your throne and retract once you’re done! Ideal for anyone who has suffered an arm or back injury or for a small bathroom that just doesn’t have space for a free-standing toilet paper holder.

Product Highlights
Full extension & hold

Pull to extend the toilet paper and retract when not needed.

Pivot to any angle

Adjust the angle and hold to secure the toilet paper roll.

Fully retractable to hide

Small and compact, get rid of clutter in small spaces.

Why Extend-A-Roll?

For Assisted Living

Provide the most convenience for assisted living bathrooms.

For RV & Boats

Pull towards you when you need it and tuck away when you don't.

For Tiny Homes

Secured to the wall, this compact toilet paper holder will be perfect.

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