In 2018, I suffered an injury to my arm which needed surgery.

It is not an easy feat to reach for the toilet paper when you need to do a full twist.

In some instances, it is even harder when the toilet paper mount is practically behind you. After searching high and low for an alternative the only thing I found was a free-standing toilet paper hanger. This is okay during the process, but where do you store it once you are done? It is still in the way.

This is when the idea of Extend-A-Roll came to me.

A wall-mounted system with an extension arm that can expand and retract. You can either leave it expanded or retract when not in use. After several design attempts, I finally settled on the Extend-A-Roll wall-mounted unit.

With the retro but sturdy design, this elegant unit is the perfect accessory for any bathroom. The form and function make it easy for those hard to mount locations.

The Extend-A-Roll mount provides ease & flexibility for people impaired or who are looking for a better option.

I hope you will see the many benefits and try one today.


Ruben Scheimberg, Inventor

Click here for the Extend A Roll Flyer. Click here for the Extend A Roll Spec Sheet.

Why Extend-A-Roll?

For Assisted Living

Provide the most convenience for assisted living bathrooms.

For RV & Boats

Pull towards you when you need it and tuck away when you don't.

For Tiny Homes

Secured to the wall, this compact toilet paper holder will be perfect.

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